Flat Vs. Sloped Roofing Systems

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Changing things here and there around your house can significantly alter the style and design of your home. One element that has a drastic effect on the presentation of your house is your roofing system. There are several roofing styles and designs out there; however, for the purpose of this article, we’ll be analyzing how flat and sloped roofing systems compare to one another.


Water Drainage

Sloped roofing, as the name suggests, is installed at a slant. This allows for excellent water drainage and other sorts of debris to fall into your gutter system. In comparison, flat roofing tends to be much more level than a sloped roof, but they are installed with a slight slant to prevent water from standing still on the roof. Standing water eats away at your roofing materials, weakens your home’s structures, and damages your property. With things like debris, without wind, debris tends to build up on your flat roof over time, adding extra weight to your roof’s structures.


Interior Space

If you’re looking for a spacious attic space, then a sloped roof is the one for you. Sloped roofing creates ample space in your home for the construction of an attic. You can turn your attic into a storage space or even another living area. However, if you’re looking for high ceilings, a flat roof is the way to go. Since there’s not much room for an attic under a flat roof, it allows you to maximize the vertical space in your house.



Sloped roofing requires much more maintenance than a flat roof. Because most sloped roofing systems are made up of individual shingles and tiles, these singular parts tend to break off, bend, and crack relatively quickly compared to a flat roof. Holes and cracks can be repaired quickly and efficiently. However, unlike sloped roofing, if a large enough part of the flat roof is damaged, the whole roof may have to be replaced instead of a few shingles here and there.


Aesthetic Appeal

This all depends on the style you’re trying to achieve for your home. Some homeowners prefer the more traditional look of a sloped roofing system, whereas others look for something a little more modern and easy to maintain, like a flat roofing system. Both roof types can be designed and installed to suit your unique preferences.

Whether you’re looking for an excellent sloped roof or a professional flat roof, we at Nextgen Roofing can do it all for you. Give us a call today so that we can get started on your new roof.

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