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Here at Nextgen we understand that the decision to replace your roof is not one to be taken lightly, and the variety of available options doesn’t ease the anxiety either. There are so many factors to consider, for example the structure of your home, the weather, and most importantly, your budget. In our experience there are three main roof types in that Westfield homeowners gravitate towards. 

Having worked in the area for years and having installed many of these roofs ourselves, Nextgen Roofing can confidently advise on what the most common roof types in the city are: 


Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles is the most common roofing type for good reason. For their affordability, they are also durable, can maintain a long lifespan and are very versatile in terms of aesthetics. Certain types of shingles, like architectural shingles, allow for customisation in a range of shapes, textures and sizes too. 

They are a common choice especially for sloped roofs, and work well for traditional, classical home designs. Asphalt shingles is one of the most requested residential roof types at Nextgen Roofing. 


Flat roofs

You’ll be surprised to learn that flat roofing is a popular roofing choice not just for commercial buildings, but for residential homes too. They’re suited to the volatile weather conditions of Westfield, and the materials commonly used for flat roofs include metal, gravel and modified bitumen. In Nextgen’s experience, a flat roof is easier to maintain and repair than most other roof types. There is also no threat of losing shingles or boards as a result of strong winds, since the roof is a solid body made with materials impervious to winds.



Metal roofing has progressed in leaps and bounds to become one of the most viable roofing options for Westfield homes. Not only is it extremely versatile, but it is also able to mimic the look and feel of most of the premium roofing alternatives, such as clay and slate for example. Metal will set you back more than asphalt shingles or flat roofs from the outset, but you’ll save in the long run thanks to its superior strength and durability.

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