Debunking Common Roof Cleaning Myths

Aug 9, 2021 | Blog, Roofing | 0 comments

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning your roof, certain dos and don’ts need to be followed to protect you from making costly mistakes. If the wrong procedures are followed, then this could lead to damage or injury.

At Nextgen Roofing, we have spent years learning the craft and skill of residential roof installations and how best to take care of the roof over your head. We would like to share some of this valuable information with you. These are some of the common roof cleaning myths that you may have come across over the years:


Moss And Algae Are Simply Surface Issues

Have you noticed that your roof is starting to look a little too green? This may just be the result of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Moss and algae are some pretty destructive organisms, so it is important for homeowners to get their roofs inspected by professionals early enough to prevent any damage from occurring. These pesky plants can eat away at the limestone found on asphalt shingles. They reproduce quickly and will also spread across your home if they’re left unchecked, which means more time and effort spent on roof and home maintenance.


Roof Stains Are Caused By Dirt And Pollution

Roof stains are a common occurrence, especially on older buildings. You’d be forgiven for thinking that those stains are simply dirt or the build-up of air pollution over the years. Roof stains are most likely caused by the growth and spreading of moss and algae. These organisms thrive in warm, moist conditions, and in areas like Westfield, these types of roof stains are pretty common.


Anyone Can Clean Their Roof

This is a common misconception that can end in considerable damage to your roof or sometimes even to yourself. Not knowing what you’re doing when cleaning and simply ‘winging it’ could cost hundreds of dollars in damages, costing more than the service would have originally been worth had you just called a professional in the first place.


You Can Use A Power Washer To Clean Your Roof

Power washing your roof is ok for some roofing materials but not all. Sturdy materials like slate or tile might be able to withstand a power wash, but with materials like asphalt or cedar, you may end up damaging your roof with the pressure of the water.


Before you tackle a roofing project, be sure to consult with your local roofing company first. Give Nextgen Roofing a call today for your free roof estimate.

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