Some Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Westfield Roofing Contractor

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Westfield residents need to be aware that a roof replacement project takes careful consideration and planning. One of the first decisions you have to make when embarking on a roofing project is who will be installing your new rooftop. Finding the perfect roofing team in Westfield can be difficult, especially when thousands of roofing companies and contractors are available to you. Finding the right roofing company takes some time, and to help you vet the stand-up guys from the scammers, we’ve compiled a list of essential questions you need to ask every roofing team.

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1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

It’s vital for homeowners to hire qualified and experienced roofing contractors. This ensures that your roofing system is installed accurately and that your home is protected for years to come. A professional should carry licenses as well as insurance. These documents serve to protect you, your home, and your contractor. The roofing licenses differ in each state; in Massachusetts, contractors need to register by the Massachusetts Secretary of State and pass the contractors exam.

The law requires roofing companies to provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees. This insurance will protect you, as the homeowner, from being financially responsible for any injuries that might occur on your property.

Your contractor should also provide proof that they carry general liability insurance. General liability insurance protects you and your property from any damage that might be incurred during the roofing project. Homeowner’s insurance will sometimes cover the costs of the damages, but it’s best not to risk it and only hire a contractor that carries insurance.

2. Do You Use Subcontractors?

Make sure to find out if your roofing company makes use of subcontractors. Homeowners need to know who’s working on their property and not be completely surprised when random strangers are parading across their rooftop.

If they do, it’s vital that you inquire about their insurance and licensing documents. Oftentimes roofing contractors neglect to pay their subcontractors. To protect yourself from being held financially responsible if this occurs, you might want to consider getting a lien waiver for the project.

3. Do I Need a Full Roof Replacement or Just Repairs?

Knowing the extent of your roofing damage will allow you to make the best decision for your home. Some roofing damages can be restored with simple repairs, whereas others require your entire rooftop to be replaced.

Your roof inspector should inspect every inch of your roof to ensure that all your roofing issues are addressed and that nothing goes unnoticed.

4. Will You Remove the Old Roof?

Homeowners need to know whether their old rooftop is being torn off or if their new roofing materials will be installed on top of it. Re-roofing on top of old materials means you won’t know your roofing system’s actual state. Your roof deck or other roofing structures might be compromised, which means that it will only shorten the lifespan of your new roofing materials. While re-roofing is cheaper, you’ll likely have to fork out more money for an entire roof replacement in the near future.

5. Do You Have A Clean-Up Process Once The Installation Is Complete?

Cleaning up after a roofing project is vital for you and your family’s safety. Installing a new roof is quite a messy project. You, therefore, need to find out if your roofing company offers this service. If they just install your roof and leave, you’ll likely spend the next couple of days trying to get your home back to its normal living conditions.

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