5 Steps to Take after a Storm Damages Your Roof in Chicopee

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Do you have a plan if your home in Chicopee sustains roof storm damage? Depending on the time of year, Chicopee is prone to harsh winds, snow, ice, and hail, which can cause significant damage to your home. During a storm, you could experience a punctured or dislodged roof, fallen branches, or leaks. As a homeowner in Chicopee, it’s essential to be well-prepared for potential storm damage and have a recovery plan ready. Below, we’ve compiled a list of five steps you can take after a storm damages your roof.


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5 Steps to Take After Storm Damage in Chicopee

Safety First: Your safety and that of your loved ones should always be the top priority. If your home in Chicopee sustains storm damage, avoid downed power lines, broken windows, and glass. Do not use electrical devices if there’s floodwater present, and ensure you stay in a safe and protected environment. We recommend inspecting your surroundings for hazards before leaving your home.

Check for Signs of Roof Damage: Once you’re safe, assess your home and roof for storm damage. Take photos and videos of any damage to your roofing to document it for future use. Keeping a detailed record of the damage can be very helpful.

Implement Short-Term Repairs: If your roof has holes or leaks, use buckets or pans to catch the water and minimize structural damage. For minor damage, you might be able to cover the affected area with a tarp until a professional roofing company can perform more permanent repairs.

Hire a Local Roofing Company: Hiring a local roofing company for storm damage repairs ensures you receive tailored and durable solutions. Local companies are familiar with Chicopee’s climate and building codes and have experience providing roofing solutions that withstand local weather conditions. Hiring locally also avoids the risks associated with out-of-town “storm chasing” companies, which may not offer the same level of quality or reliability.

Contact Your Insurance Agent: Reach out to your insurance agent to understand the specific requirements of your policy and the steps you need to take to ensure coverage. Your agent can provide detailed guidance on the sections related to storm damage and help you navigate the claims process effectively.


roof storm damage, storm damage roof repair, emergency roof repair


Nextgen Roofing: Your Trusted Storm Damage Roof Repair Experts

Are you in need of emergency roof repair for your Chicopee home? Navigating the aftermath of a storm can be overwhelming, but at Nextgen Roofing in Chicopee, we’re dedicated to easing your stress and guiding you through the repair journey.

Nextgen Roofing, a trusted Chicopee roofing contractor, takes pride in serving the community with top-notch workmanship, attentive customer service, and resilient roofing solutions. Our skilled team in Chicopee is fully equipped to assist you with your repair needs every step of the way.

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The Roof Storm Damage Services We Offer

  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Roof damage insurance claim assistance
  • Hail damage repairs
  • Wind damage repairs 

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